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Welcome to the food4myholiday shop

Our shop features local and organic foods along with all the "24/7" essentials to make your holiday food shopping a breeze.

Country Lane HampersCountry Lane Hampers

We are delighted to announce that we have now brought the fantastic selection of Country Lane Hampers into our stable of quality food and drink from Cornwall and the West Country.

Hampers & Cornish Goodies - Nationwide Delivery - Year RoundHampers & Cornish Goodies - Nationwide Delivery - Year Round

A wonderful selection of Cornish Hampers & Cornish Goodies available for delivery throughout the UK

Seasonal SpecialsSeasonal Specials

In this section we feature all those great seasonal goodies you just have to have!

Our SelectionsOur Selections

These selection boxes offer something for every occasion, be it our popular holiday starter box, special celebration box or our weekly vegetable box, you're just a click away.

Ready MealsReady Meals

For that all important first night, you've had a long journey, enough said! Enjoy one of our ready meals beautifully prepared by award winning teams at Red Earth Kitchen and The Little Cornish Curry Company.
All meals are delivered frozen.

Vegetables, Salad and HerbsVegetables, Salad and Herbs

We bring you the very finest local and organic veg, plus all the 24/7 vegetables you need. Our local growers even get up in the middle of the night to check on their plants!


Cornish fruit bursting with goodness plus all the other organic and 24/7 fruit you'll need for your holiday.

Dairy, Eggs and CheeseDairy, Eggs and Cheese

Oh boy, have we got awesome stuff in this category, the freshest eggs, the finest most unique Cornish cheese and the most sinful clotted cream.

Meat and PoultryMeat and Poultry

We are blessed to have so many great farmers who care for their animals in such great surroundings, we have fabulous butchers, that give us outstanding meat, you'll taste the difference!

Fish and ShellfishFish and Shellfish

When Heston Blumenthal (of 3 Michelin star fame) was filming his programme 'In search of the perfect fish' you guessed it, he came to Looe. We have arguably the finest 'day boat fish' in the country.

Bread, Biscuits and CrispsBread, Biscuits and Crisps

Here you will find locally made bread, home-made Cornish biscuits plus all those name brand treats you can't live without!

Larder and PantryLarder and Pantry

Go on treat yourself, fill your larder and pantry with some delicious treats this holiday time, Cornish chutneys, pickles even Cornish tea!

Juices, Soft Drinks and WaterJuices, Soft Drinks and Water

Hand crafted local soft drinks and the purest Cornish water, plus all those name brands, you are on holiday!

Wine, Beer and CiderWine, Beer and Cider

Cornwall produces some of the finest wine, beer and cider in the country, quite a selection. You know what they say, when in Rome!

Kitchen, Bathroom and Cleaning SuppliesKitchen, Bathroom and Cleaning Supplies

Everyone needs them! We also carry a line of eco friendly products.

Pet SuppliesPet Supplies

Everything you need on holiday with your pets

Best SellersBest Sellers

Here you will find a list of our very best sellers, the holiday starter pack is sure to feature!

If there are any products or items that you can't find please be sure to contact us - we always welcome feedback. Thanks

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